Wellington Loop Group 1

1. What key issues emerge from Helen Baxter's address?
need for the Internet access to allow this to happen
How do we accommodate this with existing school structures e.g timetables?
Needs to be a rethink of the assessment system or how individual schools implement this.
We have to future how do implement it using the a set up from past..
Kids are suing it already.... the onus is on use to teach them use appropriately

2. What ideas do you feel "challenged" by ? Why
The motivation of the students to learn themselves.
Could all learners learn in an environment where they are give total independence, lack of structure
Blocking websites.. students can't use the tools at school that they can at home
It took us society years to accumulate the knowledge could students do this on their own?
We need to teach students how to discern information

3. What ideas do you feel "excited" by? Why?
Collaboration sharing online discussion
Virtual worlds.. things that cannot be done on paper
Time zones - how we are at advantage over the northern hemisphere. Kiwi companies doing online IT maintenance overnight...
Podcasts listening MIT lectures on the way to school..

4. Do Helen Baxter’s views match with your own? Why? Why not?
Yes but it can overwhelming when confronted with all of this new technology/ideas...
Lifelong learning.. must be adaptable to learn continually
Learning doesn't end at school/university..
Need to show the students that lifelong learning is not a new concept.
Future Shock!! Yep go back and show this to the staff and watch their eyes glaze..

4. Does the address confirm existing good practice in your school? How?
Yes to an extent but there is still so much more and not everyone is at the same level..
Can be frustrating trying to keep up as a school how do we keep up..
Hard to keep up at a pace that allows to implement it as part of an activity

5. Does the address challenge existing practice in your school? Why?
Yes because of infastructure and internet speed. Change can't come as fast as the innovation it's trying to catch up with

6. How valid are the speaker’s stated truths and the claims made by the speaker? (Is the address substantiated by research or substantial experience?)
Mainly stubstantied by opinion based on her experience and enthusiasm for the field
Difficult to know with the time she had available

7. How might you use the ideas in this address?
We are using some already..
Difficult without all staff on board..
Refer to .... Point 1

8. Could this address contribute to any changes in your school? What and How?
Can we employ Helen virtually?
One idea is to get a class at junior level..change teaching style from the start with a select group of carefully chosen teachers and monitor their progress.

9.Other thoughts and Issues that emerge in group discussion
It is very exciting and inspirational
The role of the Min of Ed is crucial. They have funded ICT but to be implement into the existing structure.