Wellington Loop Group 4

1. What key issues emerge from Helen Baxter's address?
collaboration v competition
collaboration and collections
excellent list of comparisons between what is and what should be
huge energy of presenter
one key overview point - constant evolution and speed of
students are very quick to engage and find out and explore, teachers more reticent
give students tasks an allow them to get on with it
managing the work outcome not the worker
what shifts for teachers? letting go of being the centre of the learning environment, managing the learner
given the opportunity, the students will progess their own knowledge

2. What ideas do you feel "challenged" by ? Why
lack of knowledge as an educator, always concerned about what you don't know
need to develop confidence to make mistakes, and that it is ok to do so
no longer the expert, student know more than the teacher
shift from controlling learning to facilitating learning together
a shift from finite era to infinite era - knowledge and technical
are current structures and models of schooling too restrictive
need to move access to the anytime/anywhere model
cost for schools is a challenge

3. What ideas do you feel "excited" by? Why?
moodle sounds exciting
something you can use that holds an incredible amount of knowledge
its new, fresh, can't wait to play with it, anable students to play with it
provides a more equal or level playing field for students - moodle will enable text to speech, transcripts, provides for challenged learners, allows a greater number of students to access education they need, personalised learning, eg deaf students

4. Do Helen Baxter’s views match with your own experiences? Why? Why not?
she's in a different world, we're still stuck in a paper based world
perhaps assessment approaches keep us there
online assessments can be done, but national body would need to make some shifts to enable this
when asked what would excite learning, [hearning/vision impaired] students wnat to be able to think at school, collaborate with others in school and globally
regurgitated fact now means 'cut and paste', how do we manage this? is there a need to change the learning activity, or set requirements around the language used and acknowledgment of information sources

4. Does the address confirm existing good practice in your school? How?
learners get turned of at school, difficult to regain interest
student view - this is all to do with the way the lesson is presented
students may choose to not try rather than fail
we may tend to focus on what works for the teacher, what works for the school, what works for the system

5. Does the address challenge existing practice in your school? Why?
yes, yes, yes
also challenges structure
also challenges staff with entrenched practice, fearful of the new
teachers with laptops are still not using them in class, rather using them for notes
teachers could use interactive web pages in class [eg VRoma], more likley to retain the information because teacher is creating a context to assist that
daughter's experience of her maths teacher collaborating on line with students, raises the notion of the 24/7 classroom, perhaps collaborative teaching where the role is shared - one on the programme, the other on the online
the role of textbook is challenged
planning is challenged, where the intial work on establishing a plan that can be sustained over years is no longer valid, so is there a challenge to the principles of planning?
history example, use technology to zoom the teacher into the classroom, virtual teacher, share information amongst nation's teachers

6. How valid are the speaker’s stated truths and the claims made by the speaker? (Is the address substantiated by research or substantial experience?)
seemed to be substantiated
enthusiasm convinced us
substantiated by the evidence that this already happening
we are keen to get started anyway

7. How might you use the ideas in this address?
provoke conversation back at school
return to the ICT committee to consider leading the topic of e-learning
start the enthusiasts, and enable the network of users to grow
all teachers with laptops, enable them to try out ideas
role of software programmers to enable ease of use/access
share the web links

8. Could this address contribute to any changes in your school? What and How?
it could help to start the process
those in attendance are probably already wanting to shift the pace with the change process

9.Other thoughts and Issues that emerge in group discussion
we are all pretty excited about this, pleased we attended, and impressed by the enthusiasm shared