Wellington Loop Group 5

1. What key issues emerge from Helen Baxter's address?
Trad. System doesn’t give enough credit. Does the modern school system kill the creativity of the students?
Gaming in schools...The change of traditional concepts to such modern ones.
2. What ideas do you feel "challenged" by ? Why
Gaming in classrooms and how will it be able to be introduced.
3. What ideas do you feel "excited" by? Why?
Communicating with the students through ways that will appeal to them. E.g. Texting and email.
How do we introduce the system shift into such traditional schools? How do we encourage this change?

4. Do Helen Baxter’s views match with your own experiences? Why? Why not?

4. Does the address confirm existing good practice in your school? How?
5. Does the address challenge existing practice in your school? Why?

6. How valid are the speaker’s stated truths and the claims made by the speaker? (Is the address substantiated by research or substantial experience?)

7. How might you use the ideas in this address?
8. Could this address contribute to any changes in your school? What and How?

9.Other thoughts and Issues that emerge in group discussion