Wellington Loop Group 6

Our group just had a general discussion, about the issues raised, how they impacted on us and noted down the key questions that we have.
Ø How do get staff on board?
Ø Age not a deterrent
Ø Do we have the commitment from the Ministry, can we do this without the commitment?
Ø Fine to have a big view, but how do we implement at a teacher level?
Ø Tech Exec view – people of this generation will need to use this technology, so they need to have exposure to it.
Ø Wheres the middle ground – we can’t ignore it, we don’t have the resources to jump in head first, how do we get started?
Ø Student engagement – student self learning, curriculum constraints, equality across all schools, gaming (learning tools) - these are all tools that lead to student engagment, but how to we implement them?
Ø Need Principal’s buy in, leadership has to come from the top
Ø Need to work together, for the good of the students. Too big for one school, need to get some good backers, council, PPTA, more schools, infrastructure specialists etc, to get this going
Ø Need to setup a much more structured group to ensure the movement keeps going.
Ø What is stopping schools from getting on board – thinking, hardware, up skill of teachers, money
Ø Library becoming the hub for the community – broadband, computer, multimedia equipment.
Ø If schools don’t take on board these technology changes, will they survive?
Ø Why use something you have to pay for when Moodle is free?
Ø Working in school cluster groups that go across all years of learning – working really well, lining up software and processes used, has made a smoother transition for primary students coming into secondary.
Ø Physical layout of schools is a major barrier, also amount of land available