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Key issues emerge from the address

Technology so integrated into our everyday lives we dont't see it as being any different - Courtney - Y 13 student
texting - virtual form class - many students text instead of going on line - the boys don't seem to get into social networing in the same way
cell phones - connectiveness that young people accept as normal
strong bonds that grow through this - many too strong.
social networking - talk revant - immediate, accessible - need to harness this e
social pros and cons - cell phones - create virtual relationships which create a false sense of intimacy which is hard for students to react to in person - social and value issues

What were the things about the speech that made you most excited:
Life balance
technology has the ability to increase your work load.
Need teacher interaction - don't want to lose the good things about what is happening in the classroom
Need to be prepared for change - what we do now does not work for everyone. Teaching is personal and some of the technology doesn't seem personal.
Can enrich what we do in our classroom -
Can cater for increased capacity - activity based
schools without walls.-need the passionate professionals in the classroom
Can serve to rejunvinate teachers - students acting as teachers - good PD for teachers

Loop to faciliate the sharing of resources - too many teachers reinvent the wheel
teachers have already enbraced the co-operative roles it is their favoured way of acting
Also access to all the wider resources world wide.

What can the loop offer:
Clickview can share our lessons plans and resources -
cheaper broadband
Collaborative model -
faster internet speed - amalgamate smaller classes
Upload speeds are crucial
increased internet speeds
be more concted to community resources

Physical resourcing of schools - Money needed to do this - need to look at spaces
Interesting to see what happens with Porirua College - looking at space

Secondary futures project - some schools are coping well and inventing new efficient solutions for their own set of problems

relationships need to be builded - sharing resourcing and ideas

Need to build resourcing, increased